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Hosting Server Specifications

triple backup  |  located in Canada  |  99.9% uptime

SIMPLE WebsiteOS is the industry's easiest to use and most powerful site management interface.

ADVANCED Powerful small business applications such as email, site creators, ecommerce, and more.

RELIABLE Guaranteed reliability and security- essential to any small business website.

Why Host With Durham Biz Marketing Group?

  1. 30 day, unconditional money back guarantee.
  2. No set up fees.
  3. Exceptional value at affordable prices.
  4. Customer Service dedicated to assisting in all your requirements.
  5. No contract, no long term commitment.
  6. Durham Biz Marketing has been in the Web Hosting business since 1999.
  7. Flexible plans; change your web hosting plan at any time.
  8. State of the art data center, operates on a SONET ring, diverse redundant fiber-optic network connections with a capacity capable of OC192 (10 Gigabits/sec.) connected by the latest switching and high-speed routing equipment.
  9. Load Balanced, fully redundant rock solid architecture. Your web site will experience virtually no downtime during server reboots, server maintenance and server hardware failure.

Load Balanced

Our network includes 3 seperate servers each for the Web Mail and for the Hosting Server – load balanced (if one goes down, the other kicks in and there is no down time) The DNS is also redundant. If an IP is blocked, the DNS will still come up from another source.

There are several back ups and all located at different physical locations. i.e. extreme situation, if data centre blew up, the backs would be intact at various locations.
The Router is redundant, the back up is redundant and the power switch back up is also redundant.


Unique Windows® Hybrid Platform
This server is a one-of-a-kind technology that combines the functionality of ’Windows® hosting’ and ’UNIX hosting’ onto one platform. You do not choose one or the other hosting platform; instead you run your ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL based sites from the same server farm. With our seamless blending of UNIX and Microsoft® technologies, this hosting system is truly a ’cross-platform.’

RAID Storage provided by Network Appliance
Data integrity and speed are assured by multiple Network Appliance Filers using RAID technology. This assures reliability where the RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) allows an increase in the mean time between failures but also increases fault tolerance through a large data capacity and by placing data on multiple disks. This configuration allows I/O (input/output) operations to overlap in a balanced way, improving performance. Three back up systems are in place, one being on-site and two off-site at geographically separate data centers. All systems are monitored 24/7 by experienced NOC staff.

State-of-the-art data centre built to genuity standards
The server uses four North American points of presence, its main one being a state-of-the-art 80,000 sq. ft. Intelligent Internet Data Center. The center provides the ultimate in security, reliability and technology.

Industry Leading SLAs Guaranteeing 99.9% Up Time
DurhamBiz Marketing guarantees that our network will be accessible for at least 99.9% of the time in every calendar month. Durham Web Services also guarantees that every major network service (i.e. HTTP, SMTP, SSL, POP, IMAP) will function for at least 99% of the time in every calendar month.

Perimeter security via multi-tiered firewalling
Servers are protected with software-based firewalling. These look at source and destination addresses, and source and destination ports. Our systems are secured using the latest security methods including router access list filtering on inbound carrier feeds and firewalling at the SYN level on internal devices. Security systems, including firewalls, are tested on a monthly basis. We use security scanners that are automatically updated instantly with the latest exploit/DOS check codes. This provides us with an accurate and detailed report on our systems. The security team is also subscribed to all the major security mailing lists, including BUGTRAQ from securityfocus.com. These lists provide access to the latest security information, which enables us to patch newly found exploits within hours of their discovery.

Multi-homed network utilizing latest BGP technology
Our implementation of intelligent routing, coupled with the industry standard BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) peering, removes commonplace ’hot potato’ routing where packets can sometimes move further away from its destination. Our network technology robustly transmits data with the least possible latency.